How Do I Sign Up For The Referral Program?

To participate in the referral program, visit to register and refer friends and family who have never made a purchase from us by following one of two methods: 

1) Complete the online instructions to enter the email address of a friend you wish to refer and an email will be sent to the friend by us containing your unique referral link where the code will be automatically added to your order

2) Copying the Referral Link and sending it to a friend(s) by text, social media, or your personal email account!

The promo code is sent via email to the recipients and automatically applied to an MTB or the code can be copied and pasted into the coupon section.

You will receive the credit earned once a purchase has been accepted and confirmed by the friend or family member who used the code! 

Please note: If your referral chooses the monthly option you will receive the credit once their second box of the subscription is renewed. For multi-month subscriptions, a credit will be applied immediately.

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