I was billed again. Does my subscription automatically renew?

As stated at several points throughout the checkout process, our subscription plans will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. To check the status of your renewal date you can log in to your account and you'll be able to see your renewal date as well as the amount you will be charged for your next renewal.

If you’d prefer not to have your subscription renew please follow the instructions below:

Login to your account 

Click the 'MORE OPTIONS' link at the bottom of your subscription


Click 'Permanently Stop' and select the yellow 'OK' button to confirm

Once you confirm that you want to permanently stop your subscription your account will automatically show your subscription status as 'Stopped' and you will also receive an email confirming this subscription change. If you have a multi-month subscription you will see the number of shipments you have remaining. Once your last prepaid box has shipped your subscription will expire and no further renewal attempts will be made.

PLEASE NOTE: If you redeemed a gift certificate your subscription plan will NOT renew like our recurring subscription plans. You can log in to your account and confirm the number of shipments remaining at any time. Once your last box ships your plan will automatically expire.

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