Did I receive the wrong box?

We send out several varieties of each box type every month, so not everyone will receive the same products. Boxes are designed based on each subscriber's individual species preference, customer history, and available inventory. We know what each customer has received in the past, so if someone doesn't receive a specific product one month, they may still receive it in a future shipment. Our subscribers LOVE sharing what they received on social media and sending out a variety of boxes and products each month helps keep the 'mystery' in Mystery Tackle Box and something our subscribers truly enjoy!

Please be aware that baits in some boxes can also be used to fish for separate species. If you feel that you have received a box meant for a different species than the one you have subscribed to, please reach out to Customer Support at support@mysterytacklebox.com. We will be happy to make sure that all baits are correct for the box you ordered and also provide tips, tricks, and tactics to help you get the most out of the baits you receive!

PLEASE NOTE: If you believe you received the incorrect contents/wrong species please review your bait card that is included in your box to make sure the contents match. If there is an issue or you received the incorrect baits please email: support@mysterytacklebox.com and attach a picture of the contents received as well as a picture of the bait card list and a member of our team will get back to you right away with a resolution.

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