What is the Elite Box and how does it work?

Our Elite box is excellent for the angler who wants to receive a unique high-end monthly bass tackle! MTB Elite is our top tier subscription box that offers an assortment of 5-9 hand-picked, premium high-end hard baits, soft baits, terminal tackle, and other fishing gear with total retail of over $60! Your box will also contain a collectible sticker and a pamphlet full of useful tips and tricks for how to use your MTB baits to catch more fish!

Can I change the species?: Yes, you can. You can choose a bass box or the multi-species option which will include bait for bass, panfish, and catfish.

How much does it cost?: $39.99* a month (shipping is FREE) for over $60 worth of baits and gear. Available in monthly, 3,6, and 12-month subscription plans. Check out our PLANS HERE

How do I upgrade to Elite?: You can upgrade your current Regular or Pro bass box by logging into your account, click the ‘Upgrade Subscription’ button located within your subscription Dash and choose to be charged today to have your box arrive within 10 days or have your first Elite box shipped the first week of the following month. If you sign up for an Elite box and also have an active Pro subscription, duplicate lures may be sent since some premium Pro bass lures are shipped in pro boxes. 

Can I stop or pause?: You can pause, skip or stop your Elite box just like a Regular and Pro subscription. For more information on how to do so click HERE.

*not including state tax

Please note all prices are listed in USD

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