What is the Beginner Box and how does it work?

The Beginner box is a fixed three-month series that is geared towards anyone who wishes to learn basic fishing techniques or is just getting into fishing! Each box will be equipped with a variety of products, including terminal tackle and baits, as well as a printed booklet of instructional content with links to online videos that will guide beginners on how to use and apply all box contents out in the field. Each box will focus on a specific fishing application and a technique to help get you out on the water with the necessities!

Can I change species?: At this time we only offer a Beginner box that targets multi-species freshwater fishing, but mostly geared towards bass and panfish.

How much does it cost?: The total cost for this fixed three-month subscription is a one-time purchase of $59.97, which comes out to $19.99 per box! Please note: after the third box has shipped this subscription will automatically expire. If you would like to purchase an auto-renewing subscription check out our available plans HERE

I want more. Can I renew it?: You can purchase another Beginner Box subscription, however, the type of baits of all three boxes will be the same as those you received with your first Beginner subscription. We suggest signing up for one of our subscription plans to continue receiving a monthly shipment. See our PLANS HERE

Can I skip a month?: The beginner series can be skipped for 1-month at a time only. 

Please note that all prices are listed in USD and does not include state tax. 

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