How do I stop my subscription?

To stop your subscription just SIGN IN to your account and scroll to the bottom of your subscriptions located in the middle of your dashboard. Click where it says 'Stop this Subscription' and from there, you will be given the option to alter your box frequency or to permanently stop your boxes from shipping. If you need further help on canceling your subscription, please send an email to and an agent will be able to assist you. 

Please Note: The deadline to stop your subscription and not be billed again is the last day of the month. When stopping your subscription, you will still receive all of the boxes you paid for with your most recent order. Any boxes that haven’t shipped as part of your subscription will be sent each month until the subscription plan is completed. 

*All sales are final, please understand that refunds will not be issued when canceling in the middle of your subscription.*

The images below are screenshots of what to look for when you are canceling your subscription. 

1. Click on "Stop this Subscription"

2. Select "Permanently" and click "OK" 

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